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          Solid leather and Sponge leather which are very popular for furniture covering, automobile interiors, shoes and travel
bags, etc. It is available in many attractive embossing patterns, solid colors or prints with many types of cloth Backing
such as TR single knit, Double knit, Non-woven, etc.

          Backing cloth materials available in Single knit , Double Knit , Woven , Non-woven and Others material cloth

available in Polyester , Rayon , Cotton , Blend T/C and T/R TNPC having own Knitting factory.

PVC Leather
Standard width 54"
PVC Solid Leather With Backing Cloth
Thickness range 0.04mm - 0.75mm
PVC Sponge Leather With Backing Cloth
Thickness range 0.70mm - 2.00mm
PVC Sponge Sheet (Unsupported Sponge Leather)
Thickness range 0.70mm - 3.00mm
  PVC Flooring  
       • Normal Quality  
       • Gold Quality  
  PVC Soft Sheet &
Table Cloth
       • Laminated  
       • Non Laminated  
  Synthetic Leather  
       • Emboss Design  
  Rigid Flim &
Transparent Sheet
       • Normal Clear  
       • Super Clear  

The material is available on special surface (lacquer) treatment for durability, mat and gloss finish. Emboss Pattern
available more than 150 patterns collection. Printed Designs available more than 100 patterns with multiple colours
variation. New Emboss / Printing Designs are available on customer "s request.

Shoes, Luggage, Hand Bag, Furniture and Car upholstery. More than 2,000 Printing Patterns, Hundreds of different
emboss designd and colors.

See Our Pattern Design

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