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Table Cloth :: The perfect price & quality blend, and over a hundred designs featuring the widest variety of subjects, providing the right match to the various markets’ needs.
     • Composition: Printed or plain plastic sheeting with PP non-woven backing.
     • Available in ready made table covers in different finishings, sizes and packings.
     • Also available in meterware, rolls of 20m lenght, in 120, 140 and     160cm widths.

Table Cloth with backing :: High quality standard due to the existing protective film topping the printed surface, making it fully resistant to the use of aggressive cleansers.
     • Composition: Printed plastic sheeting with non-woven PP backing.
     • Available in ready made table covers with different finishings, sizes and packings.

PVC Table Cloth
  PVC Flooring  
       • Normal Quality  
       • Gold Quality  
  PVC Soft Sheet &
Table Cloth
       • Laminated  
       • Non Laminated  
  Synthetic Leather  
       • Emboss Design  
  Rigid Flim &
Transparent Sheet
       • Normal Clear  
       • Super Clear  

          PVC Soft Sheet
acquires different levels of softness and flexibility. Soft PVC sheet then becomes a very versatile
product. It has many applications both as a semi-finished and as a finished product, used in the domestic and in the
industrial environment.

          PVC Sheet - This material has multiple uses, from shower curtains, stationery, rain coat, etc.

          Available in any of our hundred's of print designs and colors including transparent, translucent and opaque.
Made in thicknesses from 0.05 mm up to 0.2 mm with a width of 48" to 80"

          Shower Curtains - Using 2 special very high voltage RF welding machines, we have a capacity to manufacture over
100,000 shower curtains per month. Any width or length, normal or special headers, with or without side and bottom hems
as well as magnetized curtain liners. The thickness can be from 0.05 mm to 0.2 mm.

          The packaging can be PVC bags with J-board, printed pp bags, rigid PVC boxes with printed inserts or printed paper
window boxes.

          Pond Lining for swimming pools and artificial lakes is available in rolls with thickness between 1.5 mm. and 2.0 mm.

          Rainwear - Many sizes of children and adult raincoats. Rain suits available on special order according to the
customers design.

          Bags & Luggage - Hundreds of designs of sport bags, travel bags, back packs, business bags, tote bags and
cosmetic bags. Also custom made.


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