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          Rigid PVC sheet up to 0.6 mm thick to supply packaging makers (vacuum molding fold molding and thermoforming),
ncluding non-toxic for food. It is also used for cooling tower filters and waste water treatment panels, covering insulation
material for piping in chemical plants, computer floppy disks, etc.

PVC Rigid Film
  PVC Flooring  
       • Normal Quality  
       • Gold Quality  
  PVC Soft Sheet &
Table Cloth
       • Laminated  
       • Non Laminated  
  Synthetic Leather  
       • Emboss Design  
  Rigid Flim &
Transparent Sheet
       • Normal Clear  
       • Super Clear  

Thermoforming packaging box, Furniture overlay, Lamp shade, Artificial flower, Christmas tree, Filler for cooling tower,
Window blind more than 2,000 printing patterns, Hundreds of different emboss designs and colors.

Thickness:   0.07mm to 0.60mm
24" to 60"


          PVC Transparent Sheet -- Versatile quality that meets many requirements on film barrier at high impact strength For
packing needs. Constant weight and even thickness distribution that gives more material area In usage compared to the
conventional manufacturing method.
          • General Vacuum Forming Grade
          • Box Folding Grade
          • Clear Window Grade
          • Food Packing Grade
          • Pharmaceutical Grade

PVC Transparent

Thickness range 0.07mm-0.60mm Standard Width 1372mm, 1220mm, 686mm, 610mm, 458mm
Available in standard size of approx : 50 kgs per roll
BULK rolls are available on request.

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